Course and Curriculum

Curriculog is here!

UNC Charlotte has transitioned to Curriculog to provide an electronic academic program and course approval system for creating, modifying, and accessing degree programs, individual courses, and catalog information.  The goals of Curriculog are to:

  1. Maintain an accurate account of all course offerings and degree programs
  2. Integrate course, degree, and catalog information with Banner and DegreeWorks
  3. Allow faculty, departments, colleges, and staff to access, edit, and propose changes to the curriculum in a web-based approval system

All Short Forms and Long Forms are now processed via Curriculog and the course and curriculum process is led by a set of Guiding Principles.

All UNC Charlotte faculty are granted access to originate a proposal in Curriclog using your NinerNet credentials.  If you are having difficulty accessing the system, or have questions about your role as an approver, please contact