Election Results

Results of Faculty Governance Elections for 2017-2018

Faculty Council, Secretary

Lisa Merriweather, Educational Leadership (COED)

Faculty Advisory Summer Sessions Committee (FASSC), Chair

Anabel Aliaga-Buchenau, Languages and Culture Studies (CLAS)

Faculty Employment Status Committee (FESC), Chair

Dale Grote, Languages and Culture Studies (CLAS)

Faculty Information and Technology Services Advisory Committee (FITSAC), Chair

Mohamed Shehab, Software and Information Systems (CCI)

Graduate Council, Chair

– Christine Haynes, History (CLAS)

Bank of America Award for Teaching Excellence Committee, Member

Florence Martin, Educational Leadership (COED)

Faculty Assembly, Delegates [two]

Sandra Dika, Educational Leadership (COED)

Joe Whitmeyer, Sociology (CLAS)

Grievance Committee, Members [two]

Fumie Kato, Languages and Culture Studies (CLAS)

Diana Rowan, Social Work (CHHS)

Hearing Committee, Members [four]

Jon Crane, Communication Studies (CLAS)

Tsing-Hua Her, Physics and Optical Science (CLAS)

Ronald Priebe, Engineering Technology and Construction Management (COE)

Dorothy Smith-Ruiz, Africana Studies (CLAS)