Nominations, Honors, and Awards Committee (NHAC)

The NHAC is responsible for (A) developing slates of candidates and nominees for at-large elected positions in faculty governance, for (B) the O. Max Gardner Award, and for (C) making recommendations to the Board of Trustees regarding Honorary Degrees.

(A) Nominations - Nominations for open positions for Officers of the Faculty, chairs and at-large members of Standing Committees shall proceed as specified in Article VI, Section 1 of the Constitution of the Faculty.

(B) O. Max Gardner Award - Each Fall semester the NHAC selects a UNC Charlotte Faculty nominee for the prestigious University system wide O. Max Gardner Award.  In order to complete this charge, the committee shall solicit nominations from each college and its Dean; collect required letters of support for inclusion in the nominee's dossier; solicit necessary information from the nominee in preparation of the dossier; prepare the faculty letter of support for inclusion in the dossier; notify the Faculty Executive Committee and Faculty Council of their recommendation; and forward all materials to the Chancellor in a timely manner for final recommendation.

(C) Honorary Degrees - The Board of Trustees has the legal right to grant honorary degrees in the name of the University.  The Faculty will advice the Board of Trustees on this matter through the NHAC, working with the Trustees and the Chancellor to suggest individuals for honorary degrees.  On the matter of Honorary Degrees the NHAC shall keep its deliberations confidential at all times, and shall report only to the Board of Trustees and the Chancellor rather than to the Faculty Council.  For more information, including a listing of Honorary Degrees conferred, please visit the Honorary Degree webpage.

Committee Members