Faculty Academic Planning and Budget Committee (FAPBC)

The Academic Planning and Budget Committee provides advice to the Provost in the following areas:

  • Design of the academic Planning process to be used in the revision of the Campus Academic Plan and the related college and departmental plans,
  • Review of proposed revisions of campus, college, and departmental academic plans,
  • Annual allocation of faculty positions in terms of their relationship to the academic plan of the campus and its constituent units,
  • Development of budgetary strategies and options in light of projected increases in or reductions to the Academic Affairs budget, including the annual budgetary reversion,
  • Review and feedback of budgetary decisions concerning the continuing budget and reversion management,
  • Establishment and approval of final versions of the campus academic plan,  and  
  • Submission of the approved campus plan to the Faculty Executive Committee and the Faculty Council for approval.

Committee Members