University College Faculty Council (UCFC)

The University College Faculty Council is responsible for policies related to the General Education Program. The Council works with the Dean of University College who is responsible for the administration of the Program.  The Council is also responsible for the following:

  • Assessment of the General Education Program. This Council is responsible for the assessment of the General Education Program, especially the assessment of student learning outcomes.

  • Verification of General Education Courses. The Council is charged with verifying that Liberal Studies (LBST) courses offered as General Education courses meet the guidelines for such courses and are then processed to the Undergraduate Course and Curriculum Committee.

  • Revision of the General Education Program. Should there be deemed a need for revision in the General Education Program, this council is charged with determining how that revision should be developed and charged with the development of the necessary documents to go into the faculty governance process to consider said changes.

  • The annual evaluation of the Dean of University College.

Council Members