Faculty Governance Campus-Wide Elections 2017-2018

Please vote in this year’s Faculty Governance campus-wide elections by clicking on the link below.  These positions are vital to the continuing leadership we faculty members are privileged to exercise on our campus.  The Constitution of the Faculty states: “The Faculty accepts the major portion of accountability for the quality of instruction and scholarship at this university” (Article III, Section 2).  We do that especially through Faculty Council and its Standing Committees.  As Faculty President for the coming academic year, I would like to encourage you to participate by voting in this year’s elections.  The elections will remain open until 5:00 PM on Tuesday, April 18th.


Any questions can be sent to facultygovernance@uncc.edu

Thank you for your participation,

-- Rich


Richard W. Leeman, Ph.D. / Professor, Dept. of Communication Studies

President-Elect, University Faculty Council

UNC Faculty Assembly Delegate

UNC Charlotte / 5023 Colvard Building

9201 University City Blvd. / Charlotte, NC  28223

Phone:  704-687-0774 / Fax:704-687-6900

rwleeman@uncc.edu / http://www.uncc.edu