Changes to the UNC Charlotte Faculty Constitution

Date Published: 
December 18, 2014

Dear Colleagues,

As you embark on a well-earned winter break, I want to share with you some news about faculty governance at UNC Charlotte.

This year, Faculty Council is preparing to propose some changes to the structure of the faculty governance system. This will involve making changes to the Constitution and the Standing Rules of the Faculty, which require a balloting of the entire faculty. These changes will be presented to you in two stages.

As you may already know, Faculty Council at its November meeting approved some minor updates and corrections to the Constitution. These include updating the titles of some ex officio members of Faculty Council, clarifying the means by which we calculate quorums and the minimum number of faculty signatures necessary for submitting petitions, and aligning the letter of the Constitution to match our current practice of allowing electronic as well as mail ballots. You can see the proposed changes here.

In early January, you will receive an electronic ballot asking you to vote yes or no on these changes approved by Faculty Council. Voting will be quick and easy.

A little later in Spring semester, the Faculty Executive Committee and the Faculty Council are likely to consider another set of changes to the Constitution and the Standing Rules. These will probably address the length of the term of the Faculty Council President, our standing committee structure, and other matters that are important to increasing the effectiveness of Faculty Council as representative of your interests within the increasingly complex environment of the university.

We will be sure to keep you informed and involved as this process goes forward.

With thanks and best wishes,


Gregory Starrett

Faculty Council President


LIST OF ARTICLES CONTAINING CHANGES AND UPDATES which will appear on the ballot to be sent to you in January:

1)  Clarification of membership in Faculty Council, including title changes for ex officio members

Article VII.1.A

2)  Procedure for Ballots and Petitions

Article VI.2

Article VII.3

Article VIII.1 and VIII.2

Article IX.1 and IX.4

3)  Calculating Quorums and Proportions of Faculty

Article I