Curriculog (Curriculum Management Software) is Live

Date Published: 
February 2, 2016

To:        Academic Affairs Faculty and Staff

From:    Office of Academic Affairs
Re:       Curriculog Curriculum Management Software is Live

The Office of Academic Affairs is pleased to announce that Curriculog is now live for campus use.  Curriculog is the electronic system that is replacing the former Short Form and Long Form process for course and curriculum changes.  NOTE: Short Forms and Long Forms will continue to be accepted through Spring Semester 2016; they will no longer be accepted after May 2016.  

Access to Curriculog
You may access Curriculog via the Faculty Governance site.  The redesigned Faculty Governance website also provides training materials and videos to assist those who are originating proposals as well as those who are reviewing/approving proposals.  In addition, Curriculog Champions have been identified in each college to assist with questions.  

Overview of Curriculog:
As part of the Graduation Initiative, UNC Charlotte adopted a new catalog content management system (Acalog) and a paperless course and curriculum approval process system, Curriculog.  These two software programs are designed to clarify degree requirements, reduce barriers to student progression, and aid in students’ ability to successfully navigate their curriculum.  Curriculog streamlines and automates the curriculum approval process; proposed changes go through an online process where programs and courses may be created or modified, and then routed for review and approval by college and university committees.  Following all of the necessary approvals, changes to existing programs are ready for seamless integration into the next academic catalog.  The program maintains an electronic history of tracked edits, comments, and approvals.  Curriculog works in conjunction with Acalog, Banner, and DegreeWorks, ensuring that our students, faculty and staff have access to accurate and timely course and program information.  Curriculog also provides reporting functions for faculty and administrative use, including the ability to check the progress of proposals and the history of changes to an item over time.  

For additional information about the transition to Curriculog, please visit the Faculty Governance site.