Call for Nominations for 2016-2017 Faculty Governance Positions

Date Published: 
February 15, 2016

The Office of Academic Affairs sends the following message on behalf of Faculty President-Elect Lisa Walker.


To:          UNC Charlotte Faculty        

From:     Faculty President-Elect Lisa Walker

Re:         Call for Nominations for 2016-2017 Faculty Governance Positions        


Dear Colleagues,


The Faculty of UNC Charlotte are charged with the responsibility for making policy decisions regarding the curriculum, academic standards, and the allocation of internal research funds. We are also charged with important advisory responsibilities regarding our working schedule and conditions, the university budget, facilities planning, administrative appointments, and other elements of institutional policy and operation that touch us directly and indirectly.


These responsibilities are carried out through a system of shared governance which constitutes the framework within which we can carry out our own work, and contribute to the overall academic mission and culture of UNC Charlotte.  Faculty participation in governance is what we have to do in order to retain the autonomy to conduct our research, teach our students, disseminate knowledge, and build the academic community in ways we see fit. 


Please consider how you or someone you respect might become part of the shared governance process at UNC Charlotte.  Nominate yourself or another qualified faculty member for any of the following openings. (If you don't want to think of it as service to the institution, think of it as furthering the long-term interests of yourself, your discipline, and the faculty at large!)


A brief description of each committee listed below can be found at:


To make a nomination email  Please submit all nominations by March 7, 2016.



  • President-Elect**, one-year term plus two years as President and one year as Past President
  • Secretary**, one-year term
  • Chair**, Competitive Grants Committee (CGC), two-year term
  • Chair**, Faculty Academic Policy and Standards Committee (FAPSC), two-year term
  • Chair**, Faculty Legacy Scholarship Committee (FLSC), two-year term
  • Chair**, Faculty Research Grants Committee (FRGC), two-year term
  • Chair**, Faculty Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SOTL) Grants Committee, two-year term
  • Chair**, Faculty Welfare Committee (FWC), two-year term
  • Chair**, Nominations, Honors, and Awards Committee (NHAC), two-year term
  • Chair**, Undergraduate Course and Curriculum Committee (UCCC), two-year term
  • Chair**, University College Faculty Council (UCFC), two-year term
  • Bank of America Award for Teaching Excellence Committee: One (1) member, two-year term
  • Grievance Committee**: Two (2) members, four-year term
  • Hearing Committee**: Four (4) members, four-year term
  • Honors Council^^: One (1) at-large member + One (1) alternate, two-year term
  • Honors Council^^: One (1) at-large member representing University Honors Program + One (1) alternate, two-year term

** Nominees must be tenured members of the Faculty.

^^ Nominees must be members of the Honors Faculty.