Election Results

Date Published: 
April 21, 2016

Results of Faculty Governance Elections for 2016-2017

Faculty Council, President-Elect

Rich Leeman, Communication Studies (CLAS)

Faculty Council, Secretary

Loril Gossett, Communication Studies (CLAS)

Competitive Grants Committee (CGC), Chair

Do-Hong Kim, Educational Leadership (COED)

Faculty Academic Policy and Standards Committee (FAPSC), Chair

Gregory Mixon, History (CLAS)

Faculty Legacy Scholarship Committee (FLSC), Chair

Linda Swayne, Marketing (COB)

Faculty Research Grants Committee (FRGC), Chair

– Dan Dupre, History (CLAS)

Faculty Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SOTL) Grants Committee, Chair

– Anita Blowers, Criminal Justice and Criminology (CLAS)

Faculty Welfare Committee (FWC), Chair

– Suzanne Boyd, Social Work (CHHS)

Nominations, Honors, and Awards Committee (NHAC), Chair

– Murray Webster, Sociology (CLAS)

Undergraduate Course and Curriculum Committee (UCCC), Chair

– Paula Eckard, English (CLAS)

University College Faculty Council (UCFC), Chair

– Joanne Robinson, Religious Studies (CLAS)

Bank of America Award for Teaching Excellence Committee, Member

Janni Sorensen, Geography and Earth Sciences (CLAS)

Grievance Committee, Members [two]

Suzanne Boyd, Social Work (CHHS)

Janni Sorensen, Geography and Earth Sciences (CLAS)

Hearing Committee, Members [four]

Suzanne Boyd, Social Work (CHHS)

Charlie Reeve, Psychology (CLAS)

Bridgette Sanders, Library (LIB)

Gary Silverman, Public Health Sciences (CHHS)

Honors Council At-Large

Oscar Lansen, History (CLAS)

– [Alternate] Rebecca Shore, Educational Leadership (COED)

Honors Council At-Large representing the University Honors Program

Charisse Coston, Criminal Justice and Criminology (CLAS)

– [Alternate] Erik Byker, Reading and Elementary Education (COED)