Templates and Materials

for Course & Curriculum Proposals

Templates and Materials:

     1.   Academic Plan of Study Instructions (Undergraduate)     (pdf)
     2.   Academic Plan of Study Template (Undergraduate)   (word)  
     3.   Academics website (html)    
     4.   Boiler Plate Syllabus for new/revised Graduate courses   (word) (pdf)
     5.   Checklist for Reviewing Graduate Curriculog Proposals     (pdf)
     6.   Procedures for Planning and Establishing New Degree Programs (html)    
     7.   Program Template (Undergraduate)   (word)  
     8.   Program Example (Undergraduate)     (pdf)
     9.   Program Concentration Template (Undergraduate)   (word)  
    10.  Program Concentration Example (Undergraduate)     (pdf)
    11.  Student Learning Outcomes Assessment Plan & Report Template   (word)  
    12.  "W" and "O" Best Practices (Undergraduate)     (pdf)

Additional Resources:

     1.   Course Numbering and Status Policy (html)    
     2.   Curriculog Training Resources (html)    
     3.   Curriculog (course and curriculum management system) (html)    


► Additional questions can be directed to the Faculty Governance Assistant who will, as needed, forward them to the appropriate chair.