Faculty Council

Faculty Council

At the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, the power to conduct the affairs of the Faculty resides with the Faculty Council under Article III of the Constitution. The Faculty Council has at least three (but usually seven) regularly scheduled meetings per year.  Special meetings are called by the President of the Faculty when requested to do so by the Faculty Executive Committee, the Chancellor, or upon a petition signed by 10% of the Faculty members presented to the President.

The Faculty of each unit is entitled to an elected, voting member of the Faculty Council.  The ex-officio, voting members of the Faculty Council are:  the members of the Faculty Executive Committee, the Chancellor, the Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, the Vice Chancellor for Development and Public Service, the Dean of the Graduate School, the University Librarian, and the Deans of each of the Colleges of the University.


Agendas and Minutes


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